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Wrote by: StarShinerS / 06.07.2022
When the company you work for has an office dress code, which requires you to wear flawless clothes every day, it is important to pay close attention to how you combine office outfits, especially in the summer, which means not only a holiday, but also extra dedication to your work to finalize all your tasks before your summer vacation.

We all know that the first impression matters and business meetings or a day at the office are important in ensuring your success. It's Monday morning, early and you're heading to the closet. The eternal question What do I wear today? comes to mind again. Choosing office outfits can be a challenge, especially in the hot season, when the blazer, an ideal piece of clothing in office outfits, is no longer an option at over 25-30 degrees.

Your personal style must also be found in your office outfits. So, you can opt for an office chic style, ultra modern and trendy, as well as for a classic office style, super elegant and not outdated over time.

In summer, the best choice for office outfits are dresses . They can be matched with heeled sandals and various accessories that perfectly complement the outfit. In general, tapered dresses are the most sought after when it comes to an elegant outfit that also expresses femininity. They emphasize the shapes and perfectly follow the body line. Opt for medium length and models without necklines that are too low, with or without sleeves, but also for those made of elastic or slightly elastic materials, which will give you ease of movement. You can also opt for various prints, which will give you a super good mood.

Also, the second place in the preferences of business women are the skirts, but also the elegant pants in combination with blouses or shirts made of silky materials, ultra light and, therefore, comfortable. In summer it is necessary to let the skin breathe and, in this sense, we must choose vaporous materials that are easy on the skin. We offer you, below, some ideal combinations to attract the attention of those around you.

On cool summer days, you can opt for the classic suit with pants and jacket. But we offer you a unique model, with metallic fringes, which will automatically make you stand out and will give you a special look. You can choose from black and white colors.

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