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Day dresses

Lay relaxed and let us take you in our story. Every woman`s story begins like this: Once upon a time there was the perfect dress and you are just one click away from meeting it. The following dresses are meant to change your days, to brighten them, to bring your smile back on your lips, and carry you on the land of perfection. Accept our challenge and choose your perfect dress. The following dresses are selected for you, the active, romantic and self-oriented woman. Even you like the simple dresses, with minimalist or chromatic cuts we can suggest you a lot of models to match your personality. From simple to floral prints, from tight dresses to A cut dresses and dresses with ruffs, we have them all below for any silhouette. Nothing compares to the self-confidence feeling you have when you wear an outfit that matches your style and your attitude perfectly. One of the perfect moments in your life when all eyes are on you, the moment you are appreciated and your outfit is admired. If you know this feeling means you love dresses and adore wearing them during the day? Want to feel feminine no matter if you are at the office or at an event? You love embroideries or prints? We like them, too and we invite you to discover them and look wonderful wearing one of StatShinerS dresses. Make every day a special day when you feel wonderful and unique no matter the season. Summer comes slowly, the trends are changing, but there seems to be a clothing article that seems to be appreciated no matter the season: the dress. This season light, fluid, pastel colored materials are in vogue, such as green, purple, pink, with or without braces. We have a multitude of casual dresses to choose from, don`t put a limit, let your imagination be free and build the most beautiful outfits ready to be admired all day long.