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Online shop since 2008

The Online Shopping experience is the principle we have developed 16 years ago.
Relaxed, on the couch, at the office or on your terrace of your home, abroad, wherever you are you can shop 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year. Yes! What kind of celebrations would we have without the presents we buy ourselves? :)
Avoiding the traffic, finding a parking lot, staying in the queue and much more: where else will you find a shop with more than 20000 articles to choose from?
Welcome to the shopping paradise where the star is Made in Romania.

A team of talented women are at our clients’ order. You want to find out your size, to be sure of some details, you want to feel sure about the choice you’ve made?

New collections, new brands, promotions, our own Romanian StarShinerS collection, Hollywood Sheri Hill dresses, Columbian hand-made bathing suits, Top Secret or Ana Radu, are just few of the temptations to which you cannot resist.

Place an order now and contact us with confidence at +4 0755 355 355. But be attentive, you will become addicted to our colleagues’ courtesy!

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StarShinerS own production

For you, we produce in Romania.
More specifically, our Head Office is situated at Palota, near Oradea.
We invite you to enjoy the dedication of our designers, of our drawing design colleagues, concept, trial in real time and the last, but not the least our production staff.
All the clothes under the name StarShinerS and SunShine are produced at our Head office..

Did you know that you can try what you like and buy directly from our Head Office?
The articles produced by StarShinerS can only be found on our site, at our Head Office in Palota or in our Showroom in Timisoara.

You’re welcome!