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What shoes are we wearing this summer? These are the articles that leave deep marks in the seasonal fashion, and the slippers belong here for sure! You must have them this season, because they represent the item that will raise your style to a higher level. StarShinerS’ clogs and slippers are articles you really need to wear in the hot season, if you’re a real fashion lover. A few belts that fix the footwear on the shoe seemed to be enough for the designers for the hot season of the year. Ideal options to go to the beach or to go for a walk in a torrid day, this models allow you to feel a lot of comfort while you’re walking. The sole and the classical accessories match perfectly any outfit. The love for this model of shoes has taken the slippers out of the beach and placed them on right on catwalks. You either choose refined black notes taken out from the common with glamorous insertions or yellow or fresh green which is more trendy then never. Little beads, sequins, strass and materialized finishing will never be avoided by a fashion lover: imagine how you will shine all the summer long with them. Flip-flops could not be missing from here! Invest now in a model full of all the attitude in the world.  The daring, military, animal print will definitely  be in focus. Shining, made from the same patented material, are in vogue now! Make your option from moroccan slippers or the ones with a thick sole and flip-flops for a fairy-tale look!