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Leather Booties

Natural leather booties are the pair of shoes that international stars adore. All the women have the right to enjoy the admiration that stars have, that’s why having leather boots in your wardrobe is absolutely mandatory. A pair of lady boots can make wonders. They can be successfully worn with so many outfits, are comfortable and offer the feet an unseen suppleness. With ortopedic, stiletto, thick or stylized sole, the leather boots don’t have to lack from your wardrobe! Situated between shoes and long boots according to their building, boots are in the top of your favourites every season, being the most versatile. With architectural cuts, accessorized with laces and buckles, with prints or lacquer, Starshiners leather booties change an usual look into a statement look. Your silhuette will be visually elongated when you choose high heel models or when you wisely choose platforms for a plus of stability. Booties are also combined with pencil skirts or a sophisticated coat, ensuring a balanced outfit even for an exigent meeting. Have a beautiful day and order your favourite boots now!