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This year, the comfort and the simple, unpretentious style has became the rule in fashion! The espadrilles have a positive approach regarding all these directions in fashion and help you achieve a chic clothing aesthetics, without effort, but really triumphant. Respect your feet and comfort them in a pair of easy StarShinerS espadrilles: we promise you will look fabulous! The most simple to get an irresistibly simple style is to match a light, comfortable dress and a pair of espadrilles! We are not the only ones saying that, but also the great designers who confess every time they have the chance that the most refined fashion is the one that conquers the street and comforts the common people! Espadrilles are very comfortable and versatile , easily to match with anything you want, from short pants and skirts to dresses and long trousers. They have a summer look, bur don’t imagine you cannot wear them with an office outfit. Coloured, easy and comfortable, these accessories are a must-have now! You need a pair of string, ribbons or buckles espadrilles, which can tie to the leg, like air. They have replaced the ballet flats and the gladiator sandals of the last collections: they are some of the coolest models of the moment. As regarding the prints, using two variants, one more seductive than the other, this summer is mandatory: ethno and exotic. Which doesn’t mean we forget about the strips: the nonchalant print, which reminds obout the French Riviera, is a must for the warm season! Being so beautiful, you cannot resist from buying them all! Order now!