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Envelope Clutch

The season of parties is here! So we think more and more about the accessories we are going to wear at the events we will take part in. No evening outfit is complete without an envelope clutch, which suits it perfectly and emphasizes it. An envelope clutch with a festive air is mostly suitable for a special occasion, or for goings outs to the restaurant or the theatre. You will make a gorgeous appearance at any party with this accessory in shining colours and textures and not only. More than that, you can use it as an outsized wallet. If you want to be trendy and get everyone’s attention, choose an envelope clutch, suitable for your style. StarShinerS makes available for you a lot of models for all tastes, from envelope clutches to those with precious insertions and beautifully coloured. Envelope clutches case type are a good accessory especially for simple, very elegant outfits, because they denote a lot of refinement and common sense. As well you can wear such an envelope for coloured and printed evening outfits, because they balance completely a busy outfit. Metallic envelope clutches are suitable for modern and daring looks. Wear a metallic envelope with a leather pencil skirt  and an elaborated blouse for a feminine, sensual look. Real statement pieces, envelope clutches with precious insertions offer a glamorous touch to any evening outfit. In order to get a remarkable look, match this precious piece with a long, diaphanous dress. Coloured clutches with cheerful prints emphasize any outfits. That’s why, you should wear them with all-black outfits or with neutral colours to create a very chic contrast. Inspired from the 20’s , the envelope clutches with fringes are suitable for uni dresses, midi length, which follow the body shape. Being a daring outfit, which emphasizes you anyway, you don’t need any other elements to crowd your outfit more. What are you waiting for? Order with confidence!