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As every year, except the most usual things and footwear articles we use, there are also articles that enjoy a great popularity among ladies, and when we talk about shoes, we have to think about boots particularly. Loved and preferred by a large number of women worldwide , the boots are not missing from the wardrobe of ladies who want to keep their feminine touch and the elegant air of their outfits taking into account the comfort and versatility these type of footwear offer. The name ``boots`` comes from the French ``bottes`` which means boots and even if at first they were considered as a variety of this type of footwear, they developed in time making their own identity. At StarShinerS you find the most popular boot types which you can include in your wardrobe and addapt them in a stilysh and refined way for your outfits. And the good part is that you can wear them every season because they are very versatile: in the hot season with skirts, short pants and dresses to get a chic festival look and of course they are perfect for cold season as a completion for seasonal outfits. This year the fashion trends and the stylists’ opinions encourage wearing boots instead of ladies’ boots. Very appreciated by ladies are cut and high heel boots, fringes high heel boots, velvet boots, natural leather or voluminous heel boots, laced and heel boots, but also metallic and neon made boots. For the most daring and nonconformist ones, there is the option of floral or animal print boots, shining and pretious insertions and cowboy boots suitable for elegant creased trousers or for embroidered jeans for a country urban look. You find them all here! Order them now!