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How do we dress for a job interview?

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 27.01.2023
The beginning of any new year also involves a list of to do's, which you propose to achieve throughout the year. It can be about more self-care, about establishing clear priorities, but also about more or less impactful changes that can change your future to a lesser or greater extent. Ultimately, any decision to change in your life is important and should be treated as such, both by you personally and by those around you.

Changing a job means, first of all, a lot of research. You also need to know exactly what you want and act accordingly. One of the steps you need to follow to the T is the interview. Whether you're looking to change your current job, or you're fresh out of college and looking to enter the workforce, StarShinerS's style tips for the perfect interview outfit will help you look flawless on your date with the biggest companies you've only dreamed of until now. The image you present will weigh heavily in making the employer's final decision.

How do you dress for a job interview?
Regardless of whether you are at your first interview or have several in the works, emotions are always at a high intensity. The importance of choosing a company whose philosophy of life matches yours is crucial. Your resume also needs to be as professionally worded as possible and list your most important qualities that are exactly what the company you're applying to is looking for. The first step is taken.

Then, guided by the saying First impressions count, it is important to choose an outfit that is clean, professional, but neutral and full of personality. Yours, in this case. In a field where creativity is not emphasized, opt for classic pieces, with straight lines and as few accessories as possible. Maybe just the necklace or bracelet that brings you luck. In a creative field, let your inspiration create an outfit with a personal touch.

For jobs that involve direct contact with the client, such as those in the financial, banking, legal and administrative fields, you must dress proper and in a classic style. In the case of an interview for a job in a field that does not involve direct contact with the client or in a more permissive field, such as marketing, PR or sales, you can adopt a business casual style.

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