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Shop the outfit: New trendy unique prints

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 15.04.2022
Floral prints are being worn this spring. And not just any kind, but the unique ones, designed and created in our own StarShinerS workshops. These super fresh items can make any outfit standout, so refresh your wardrobe right away!

We often hear the statement that details make the difference . This is a strong statement in the fashion world, and we strongly believe in it. That's why we create something very special and unique in each of our collections, clothing items that you can enjoy whether you go to the office or to a romantic dinner.

Creating a unique collection by combining elements specific to local fashion, but also following the lines of international fashion, is not an easy process. We have also told you on other occasions that everything starts from some super inspired and talented designers, who will create clothes to your liking. Whether it is a women's blouse, a day dress or a warm overcoat, the prints are applied computerized on the materials decomposed into pieces, after which the clothing items are finalized by applying on each StarShinerS label.

This week's print combines pleasant shades of royal blue with pink, green and other vivid colors, set on an ivory background, which gives it a note of supreme elegance. The most suitable colors to combine this print are royal blue, white and pink.

Enjoy our suggested iteams and create the most beautiful outfits with special garments! Don't forget that we are waiting for your pictures in our outfits at We will gladly created a place for you on the main page of our site!

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