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Floral prints depending on your silhouette

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 23.03.2022
Floral prints are the most beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Outfits with floral prints are perfect, feminine and sophisticated. This season, the designers propose various combinations of floral prints, which will help you create the coolest outfits.

As for the colors for floral prints, designers propose pastels. The most beautiful prints are the contrasting ones, pastels and strong combinations. Choose shoes and bags to be as simple as possible, in bright shades, but without prints and give up massive jewelry.

When you want to make an all-florals outfit, it is recommended to take into account some general aspects:
1. Combine garments with prints of different sizes and keep the loaded part for the bottom of the silhouette of pants or skirts.
2. Choose the majority print or print background in a color that suits you.
3. Use the color of the majority print in at least one other piece. Do not join them as there is a risk that they will not be distinguished.
5. Choose a piece of clothing with a print around which to build the outfit, so start with the one with the most crowded print.

Here are some tips on how to wear floral prints to suit your figure:
1. Hourglass shape. Women who have the shape of an hourglass have proportionate shoulders and hips, and the waist is very defined. Thus, you can choose any kind of floral print dresses as the body proportions are perfect.

2. Pear or triangle shape. For this type of silhouette, floral prints are recommended to be worn on the upper part, not on the lower part of the body. It will make your hips look wider and therefore your body shape will not be balanced.

3. The shape of the inverted triangle. Contrary to the shape of the triangle, this type of silhouette fits the floral prints on the lower part of the body to create a visual balance. Do not wear floral prints on top as it will make your shoulders look much broader.

4. Rectangular shape. In general, the floral print is ideal for adding a little roundness to this body shape. However, avoid tight fits due to the lack of waist.

5. Round or apple shape. For this silhouette, floral prints are not the best choice as it makes you look much more round, especially at the waist.
6. Diamond shape. This body shape lacks round shapes, so a floral print dress is ideal for visually creating ultra feminine shapes. You can also opt for tight fitted clothes.
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