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The elegant jumpsuit - the WOW piece of the winter wardrobe

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 26.01.2023
In 1792, overalls were worn in a completely different context than today. To protect their street clothes, men wore overalls during work hours, especially when the work involved a high degree of dirt. Over time, however, this model of clothing underwent many changes and was also adopted by women. The first country where women dared to wear it was Great Britain. Since then and from there, this trend has spread all over the world.

Even in winter, when everything is dull and boring, we can create ultra-chic and elegant outfits, needing only one item: a jumpsuit. This is a must-have in any wardrobe, and international fashion designers elevate it to the top every season.

The jumpsuit best highlights a feminine, shapely silhouette, especially when the chosen model has a belt or an accessory at the waist. StarShinerS has prepared for you 4 models of elegant jumpsuits, perfect for this season and for the upcoming events.

Very light and comfortable, the jumpsuit, in general, offers a lot of ease in movement, but also a special femininity thanks to the cut. An evening jumpsuit will give you a glam look. If you are faced with clothing dilemmas for a party or event you have to attend soon, let's discover the coolest jumpsuit designs below.

1. Velvet jumpsuit

We all know that the favorite material of women in this period is velvet. What other jumpsuit, could we wish for than the velvet one, available in three seasonal colors, with which you'll get a ravishing look. It has a loose cut with three-quarter wide sleeves, and the pants are slightly puffy at the bottom. It closes with a front zipper that can be lowered to show off your cleavage. The belt at the waist is detachable.

2. The glam jumpsuit

This model will give you a sophisticated and stylish look, thanks to the lycra material with a shiny thread, which will easily stand out. The sleeves are three-quarter length, wide. It is available in two dark colors that give a lot of elegance to the outfit. Like the velvet one, this one has a front zipper at the top that can be adjusted to the desired height. It is equipped with a cord with a stone buckle, which can be detached.

3. Jumpsuit made of elastic fabric

Are you a fan of fitted clothing? Well, this jumpsuit is for you! An impeccable cut, fitted, with tapered trousers. The sleeves are long, with a slight volume on the elastic support in the shoulder area. The glam accent is given by the decorative rhinestone front buttons, which cannot be detached or opened. The closure system is given by a zipper and button at the back. It is a super versatile model, with which you can also achieve a distinguished business look.

4. Sparkling jumpsuit

Spice up your wardrobe with this jumpsuit model, made of shiny lycra, which gives the outfit a glam look. It has a V-neckline, ready to highlight your feminine shapes. The cut is loose and it is equipped with elastic at the waist, which makes it easy to wear even by ladies with voluptuous shapes.

Such clothing items, as above, can be successfully worn both at special events and outings in the club or restaurant. Which one is your favorite?

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