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4 outfits for the month of love

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 14.02.2023
We are preparing intensively for February 14, the day when most couples make their celebration plans. This month is the month of love and we tend to show more affection towards our partner. It's also no secret that we want to surprise them in the most beautiful ways possible. StarShinerS helps you do it by wearing one of four super outfits, in which you will be admired, pampered and loved all evening.

If you have plans to go out with your boyfriend or maybe with your girlfriends, we have prepared some inspirations for you. Which suits you best?

First outfit
For the first outfit, we chose the color of passion and love, red. Even if it seems cliché, the red dress will attract a lot of eyes, and you will feel extremely ... sexy. On Valentine's Day, or any day of the month of love, attract him in this dress with a flattering cut, which will highlight your feminine forms. Details like the butterfly sleeves, the fine embroidery on the sleeves or the perfect neckline will make your outfit sensual and attractive. Wear black, plain or gold stilettos. Keep accessories minimalistic: choose a clutch in the color of your shoes and earrings with your favorite stones. Don't forget the red lipstick either.

Second outfit
If you want to get rid of the color red, the combination of fuchsia pink with white is the perfect, extremely feminine choice. Our proposal refers to the fuchsia cloche skirt, elegant and comfortable, and the gorgeous blouse with puffy shoulders. It is not necessary to dress only in dresses, so dare to be different this year by choosing this very successful combination. Pink will exude both sensitivity and playful love. Choose nude accessories without overloading and nude sandals or stilettos.

Third outfit
Choosing a classic color can be the key to success this month. The shades of nude and cappuccino brown will surely arouse the interest of those around. Nude dresses are always in fashion and easy to mix and match. So, you can choose colorful shoes or interesting accessories. Our proposal involves a nude dress with slight shimmers of glitter, which will draw your partner's attention to you. The fitted cut and plunging neckline are perfect for highlighting your diva shapes.

Fourth outfit
And as we like colors, we propose you an atypical color for this celebration, but extremely elegant and sexy. The metallic dress with the ultra-dimensional bow on the shoulders is a perfect option for a romantic dinner. The fitted and asymmetrical cut with a bare arm will turn all eyes on you. Turn this Valentine's night into the most successful night of the year and surprise your partner with an absolutely charming look.

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