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Shop the outfit: Unique prints created just for you!

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 09.03.2022
You are already used to seeing, every Friday, collection after collection, UNIQUE clothes, with prints designed and created in our workshops by the most skilled designers. Our own creations have been and will always be made with love for beauty, but also for you, our dear clients. We know how much you appreciate a piece of clothing that gives you personality and, for this very reason, we create the perfect outfit for an impeccable look, in which you can feel like a real diva!

This week we have chosen to launch one of our favorite models, which we are convinced will be yours too! Don't forget, you won't find this print in any other collection besides ours.

This weeks new PRINT
With the specific coloring of peacock feathers , the trendy print that launched in Friday's collection is an ultra special and extravagant one, which immediately catches the eye. The color mix of the peacock feather can't help but captivate you.

StarShinerS office dress with a straight cut of thin fabric . This dress promises to make you stand out with every outfit! The material is pleasant to the touch, slightly elastic. The straight cut, although it does not highlight the waist, is perfect to hide small imperfections.

StarShinerS office women's satin blouse with a wide cut . A light shirt, ideal for the office or in an elegant, casual outfit. The satin material from which it is made is very pleasant to the touch, so you will feel it on the skin just like a peacock's feather.

StarShinerS office dress with a straight cut . We categorically say yes to the veil in the spring-summer season. Thus, you can enjoy the same print placed with mastery and skill on this dress with a straight cut, made of vaporous material, which will give you an ultra fresh style.

What do you think about this trilogy?
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