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How do we wear pleated dresses?

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 21.06.2022
Pleated dresses are a trend that holds up extremely well in the top positions of the current fashion trends. Every season, whether it is summer or autumn-winter, this model of dresses is in great demand, especially by the ultra elegant and stylish ladies.

Where did the fashion for pleats come from? Long ago, the Egyptians used to pleat clothing, inventing this technique of pleating. Pleated clothes were intended only for the nobles, who enjoyed the luxury of buying them. Today's techniques are not so expensive, which is why pleated clothes are commercially available at super affordable prices.

This season, the folds are not just for the models we are used to so far, and definitely not just for the pleated skirts, already known by everyone. We can still enjoy mini or midi dresses, made of fake leather or plaid print, but now more than ever, pleated dresses are a perfect choice when we want an elegant outfit.

If you still don't know how to wear a pleated dress, we invite you to view below the best pleated dresses, which will create a perfect outfit for you. Where?

1. To the office
Every work week is full for every woman. In order to take care of our appearance, it is recommended that we dress in such a way that it fits us best. A pleated, midi dress perfectly captures the trends. Add to the outfit a pair of sandals and a medium bag for guaranteed success.

2. Casual chic outfits
On quiet and discreet Saturday afternoons, when comfort is at the forefront, opt for an ultra-comfortable pleated dress, to which you can match a pair of sneakers or your favorite sandals, which will not squeeze you. On cooler summer days, choose a leather jacket. We suggest the light pink one to match your pleated colorful dress perfectly.

3. At this season's super social events
As the day turns to night, opt for occasional pleated dresses, made of fine materials, with embroidery applications. Nothing will stop you from standing out in the most pleasant way.

Pleated dresses are extremely delicate and elegant and deserve our full attention. Their refinement means that the outfit is taken out of anonymity, no matter where you choose to wear them. In addition to the above models, let's see a whole super collection of pleated dresses, suitable for absolutely any occasion.
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