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WE LOVE DENIM! Denim items in trend this season

Wrote by: StarShinerS / 09.03.2022
We love Denim! It's back in full force this season, so you'll find the latest trends for denim lovers on Designers and fashion specialists have taken denim to another level for several seasons now. If until now we associated this type of material only with the casual style, in 2022 we can wear it anywhere and anytime.
Moreover, this trend can be worn by anyone, regardless of age. Wearing jeans, which were originally popular with men, have come to be worn by ladies and gentlemen alike.

In recent years, in addition to worn or torn jeans, those accessorized with pearls, rhinestones, fringes, embroidery and zippers, which we can be easily turned into party outfits. Although the pre-wash and cut-out effects make this piece a perfect one for a rather rebellious look, you can choose to wear the item with a shirt and a pair of stilettos, which will turn the outfit into an ideal casual-smart one. even for the office.

In terms of color, we do not have to stop at the classic blue denim, we can juggle the shades. Choose to wear black denim or various shades of gray. Light colors should not be neglected either, especially now, in the warm season.

Denim in feminine outfits? ABSOLUTELY!
Feminine outfits will always be among our preferences. So you can wear denim dresses or skirts in your outfits. Rely on simple cuts that highlight your figure. Don't forget the combination of denim with poplin, which offers such a fresh air, extremely bold and full of attitude.

You can combine denim shirts and jackets with everyday outfit, without looking mundane. Opt for jackets with studs, with a string at the waist or even with a bag to stand out. You can also wear denim on denim shirts. We know that the outfits made of several garments of the same texture are in fashion, in this case denim. The secret is to keep your balance and get interesting color combinations.

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