About us

We are one of the most visited and popular women clothing web sites

We started our activity in 2008, becoming a well-known brand for all women in Eastern Europe. Our concept about offering our customers the latest fashion trends accesible to everyone with a delivery service like ours is something we are very proud and happy of.

So far we have obtained tens of thousands of customers, and thanks to them nowadays StarShinerS is not just a simple online store, but a lifestyle of all ladies wishing to affirm by imposing themselves on other people with charming clothes.

StarShinerS team is a professional one: we always care about our clients opinions and requests, and the clothing items we offer are always the most spectacular and the latest fashion trends.

StarShinerS was, is and will always be in a continuous improvement! Our key strengths include high quality products, professionalism in creating lasting relationships with our customers, fast delivery times and maximum reliability.

StarShinerS offers you the latest fashion trends, by offering a large range of special clothing and accessories that will get you all the attention and help you to stand out and make you look spectacular!

Head Office
Czaran Gyula street, No.5
410240 Oradea/Bihor
RO 23508416

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